Born in Montreal in 1969, Guy Hamelin emerges as a multidisciplinary visual artist whose work explores the quest for emancipation. His journey, marked by challenges from a young age, guides him towards a pragmatic approach, pushing him to immerse himself in technical learning. His studies in hairstyling and coloring in Montreal and Toronto mark the starting point of a trajectory that leads him to stylist contracts on various film sets, thereby opening the door to his discovery of the worlds of photography and cinema.
This immersion in the world of imagery triggers a career change for Hamelin, leading him to establish himself in the field of corporate video and photography. Alongside his professional successes, he nurtures his artistic passion, turning to painting. His first series, "Ripple Effect," exploring the theme of awakening, earns him notable recognition with its publication in 2015 in the Canadian magazine Prestige Design. In 2017, his artistic journey is highlighted in a documentary broadcast on Radio Canada's Vé platform, demonstrating his versatility and artistic openness.
Endowed with boundless curiosity, Hamelin experiments with a variety of materials, ranging from paint to resin to the sculpture of reclaimed objects. His unrestrained creativity materializes notably through the series "Je t’aime," exhibited by the Roccia gallery. This series explores the sometimes tumultuous twists and turns of the journey towards amorous liberation.
Currently residing and working in Val-David, Guy Hamelin sees his works integrated into prestigious private collections in Quebec, Canada, and the United States.

" I like to mix art and physics, to explore freely and push my limits...
My creations are deeply introspective, and are inspired by spontaneous insights, vibrations, colours and especially the circle.
When I touch the subject, I find myself
in a meditative state where I let light, memories and healing energy transpose itself onto my canvas."

Intuition is the premise of my artistic approach. This intuitive movement allows me to connect with my surroundings. A place, materials, tools, and processes—all are conducive to inspiring creative methods in my mind. I invest a significant amount of time in research and creation, documenting my work… discover the path, along the way. "
Guy Hamelin, artist


In 2023, in Montreal, a collective work paying homage to André "Dédé" Fortin. This painted mural is situated on the West wall of Le Godin Building at 2112 St-Laurent, and the project was funded by the Arts Fund of Tourisme Montréal.
In 2022, in Montreal, thanks to the funding from Tourisme Montréal, a permanent urban artwork measuring 60 feet in width was installed facing 10 Sherbrooke West. This large- scale photo assemblage brings together significant buildings from the greater Montreal area.

2023-2024 Modern Art Gallery, Helmond, Netherlands (Nederland), Europe 2022-2023-2024 Galerie Béliveau, 200 Principale Street, Saint-Sauveur

2021-2022-2023 Galerie Roccia, 25 Ste-Catherine Street, Magog

2022-2023-2024 Espaces le BLVDart, GODIN BUILDING 2112 St-Laurent Street, Montreal

2023, Montreal, Maison de la culture Mercier will be hosting "Beauté Urbaine" from September 16 to November 30. The exhibition will feature paintings and collages.
2022, Montreal, Maison de la culture Mercier will be presenting "Beauté Urbaine" from September 12 to October 30. The exhibition will showcase paintings.
202, Montreal, Maison de la culture Mercier will host the intergenerational project "Projet Lab" throughout the month of March, featuring paintings.
2019, Montreal, Maison de la culture Mercier will be showcasing "Génération X - Z" from September 28 to November 17. The exhibition will include paintings, screen printing, photography, and installations.

2022, "Official Selection at the International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA) - LIBRE, LE Film, from March 15 to 27, 2022: I served as the Director of Photography, handling camera and lighting under the direction of Madame Hélène-Bélanger Martin, the director."

2022, Prévost, a collective exhibition at the On aura tout vu Festival, taking place from September 9 to 11..
202, Prévost, a collective exhibition at the On aura tout vu Festival, taking place from September 10 to 12.
2018, Montreal, at HOTEL10, collaboration with Hamelin and the youth center 'L'Antre des Jeunes.' The exhibition features paintings and installations.
2018, Miami, at Shine Home Deco, showcasing paintings and installations.

2016, Montreal, at Galerie D, featuring paintings and installations.

2015, Montreal, at Galerie Roccia, presenting paintings and installations.

2014, Montreal, at Place Bonaventure Art Expo, exhibiting paintings and photography. 2013 In Toronto, at the Art Show, showcasing paintings and installations.
2011, Montreal, at Galerie 210, featuring paintings and video projection (installation). 2010 In Miami, at Winwood Red Dot, exhibiting paintings.

From 2017 to 2020, Montreal, facilitated art workshops at Maison de Jeunes L’Antre Des Jeunes
2016, Montreal, at La Maison Bon Accueil, I worked on a documentary covering homelessness and the mission of the shelter. I handled the direction of photography, camera operation, lighting, sound recording, and editing.
"In Montreal, from 2014 to 2015, I worked on 'Tendre la Main,' the photo book for the Les Impatients Foundation, serving as the photographer."

Foundations that have received artworks or funds from the sales of artworks by Guy Hamelin:
1. McGill University
2. Alzheimer Foundation
3. Heart Disease Foundation
4. Le Phare for Children
5. Breast Cancer Foundation
6. Multiple Sclerosis Foundation
7. Éducaloi

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